Here you can find the schedule for the MAC1105C Bootcamp sessions. This is a two part, fast-paced, sequential workshop designed to provide you with a refresher of some of the background content that you need for your MAC1105C course.

To reserve your spot, select your desired date and time. You will then be redirected to the appropriate website where you can register and book your time. These sessions will be held from August 12 to September 2. Plan accordingly in order to complete both parts

Bootcamp Schedule

These review sessions are offered online via Zoom, as well as in person at our Central, North, and South campuses. You are free to register for the session which is most convenient, regardless of which campus you are taking your class on.


Bootcamp Documents

During these sessions you will be required to work on practice problems. You may download and print these documents in advance.

For more information contact:

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